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A Summary In English 

A Multi-faceted Swedish Youth Choir


The History 

Spektrum Teens is the youth division of the Spectrum Choral Initiative, which was founded back in 1998. The choir is based in Botkyrka, a multi cultural suburban borough, 15 km south of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. Botkyrka is known internationally as the last resting place of the 8th century Arch Bishop of Bremen, who was canonized as S:t Ansgar for bringing the Gospel to the Vikings. He is mentioned in the charter of S:t Olave’s church in Bedfordshire.


The Repertoire 

The Spektrum Teens’ repertoire has an exceptionally broad reach which includes forays into the realms of Mozart, Sacred music, Musicals and Rock Operas all the way up to contemporary urban culture, for example Street Dance and Rap. Further to this there are geographical musical odysseys up to the high Andes, across Latin America and Africa. Steens always perform in the local languages, which in fact is a Spectrum Choir specialty. Steens repertoire has contributed greatly to their success.


By Royal Appointment 

Being a Spectrum Teen is all about singing, whether it be concerts in Cathedrals or Mission halls, Choral festivals, Television appearances, Shopping malls or much to the delight of fellow passengers, in Airport waiting lounges when they are traveling to or from International engagements. It is worthy of note that the Spectrum Choral Initiative usually gives a command performance once a year to the King and members of his family.


Musical Directors 

Marie Bejstam and co-founder of the Spectrum Choral Initiative Charlotte Rider Norlander, received the Botkyrka Culture Prize 2003 for their commitment and enthusiasm in furthering choral music in general, as well as affording the local youth the opportunity to raise their voices both at home and abroad.



Marie Bejstam

Director of Music, Choral Pedagogue and Musical Educator. Marie has a Master’s degree of Fine Arts in Music Education from the University of  “Örebro’s Academy of Music”. Further to this she has 20 years of practical experience as a choral conductor, instrumentalist, music teacher and lecturer with all of Sweden as her domain.

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